Excavation + Trucking

CI offers clients light to mid size equipment for excavation applications. Our Bobcats and mini excavators will help you save your back and get things done in a fraction of the time. We also offer clients excavation labourer services, for areas that require hand excavation. All underground lines MUST be marked before CI equipment will begin any excavation.

Attention Clients: Utilities are to be located on your property before construction can commence. Utility locates are free of charge. Please call or email to have them completed 3 to 5 business days before starting any excavation. Click on the link below to set up utility locates:

Gas, electric, and water -

CI Excavation/Trucking Prices
*62” wide bobcat skid steer includes operator  = $85 / hr + 1hr travel time
*28” wide bobcat mini excavator includes operator  = $95/ hr + 1hr travel time
Excavation labourer  = $45/ hr
Tandem axle dump truck (up to 10 yards)  = $110/ hr
Single axle dump truck (up to 6 yards)  = $95/ hr
One ton dump truck (up to 3 yards)  = $80/ hr


  • Minimum 4 hour charge per job for excavation equipment
  • Minimum 5 hour charge for excavation labourer
  • Minimum 3 hr charge for all trucking orders + the cost of the material
  • Dumping fees are not included in trucking charge and are dependent on type of material and location of project

Still have questions? Give us a call Give us a calland we will discuss your needs with you. Quotes are typically emailed out within 3 days of a site visit.