CI Precast Wall Block

The CI precast wall block system provides clients with a simple, fast, cost effective and modern solution for all types of retaining wall requirements. This system requires no cutting and uses interlocking dowels to hold the blocks together. There are no caps to cut and creating curves is a breeze. The blocks are solid concrete and require no gravel fill. Just stack and go. They are also avaiable in 2 different heights. 4" tall and 8" tall. Standard block sizes are 16" long X 8" deep X 8" tall. Half blocks are 8" long X 8" deep X 8" tall. CI precast wall blocks make for a great DIY project, and are a perfect fit for professional contractors.

This is a brand new product. We are currently in fabrication of inventory and will be in touch when it's ready to sell. Likely, sometime early Spring 2018! Please leave us a message below if you are interested in receiving more information and we will be in touch soon!


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