Snow Removal

CI can take care of all your snow removal needs. Our equipment and experienced staff allow us to clean large areas quickly and efficiently. Call us today to come out and take a look at your site! Contract work is first priority, but after they are complete, our equipment/manpower is available to non contract clients according to the pricing below.

*Update Jan 2018: We are currently focusing majority of our snow removal efforts on acreages in the Springbank area. This is in close vcinity to our shop so we are able to offer clients discounted pricing and quicker service based on geography. If you have an acreage property in the Springbank area please give us a call for a free no obligation quote, on a per clear basis. No monthly contract required. 

Snow Removal Prices

*Acraege snow removal service (Springbank area) - Driveway and front walkway to door  = $125 - $150 per clearing (depends on size)
Bobcat skid steer with 74" snow bucket  = $95 / Hr
Labourer includes snow shovel, scraper, broom, blower  = $35 / Hr

Still have questions? Give us a call and we will discuss your needs with you. Quotes are typically emailed out within 3 days of a site visit.

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